Chocolates for Breakfast, My Review

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In an effort to start reading more novels, I picked up a galley copy I got of Chocolates for Breakfast, by Pamela Moore (original publication which sold around 600,000 copies was circa 1950s). Of course the title is what appealed to my senses. I mean who wouldn’t love to indulge in chocolate for breakfast, right?! Well, it’s a metaphor for all that is debauchery.

I give it 3 Stars ***

My Review:

And we thought today’s generation was in trouble! A great trip back in time (circa the 50s). A tale of decadence, self-indulgence, self-absorbence, youth gone wrong, old Hollywood, lots of alcohol, young sex, and tragedy. A mesh of all that is at the end, a very dry martini (a constant reference in the book). Chocolates for breakfast, indeed (metaphorically speaking, of course).

A great weekend read. Enjoy!

Gigi Scott

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