Post Date Jul 18

22 Miami-Dade Libraries May Be Shutdown

This truly saddens me. As if it’s not enough that Miami-Dade’s commissioners and mayor, Carlos Gimenez, threaten to veto the Pet’s Trust Miami Initiative (which over 10,001 Miamians voted for), they are now seriously moving towards shutting down 22 Miami-Dade libraries out of 49.

This ignorant statement by Mayor Gimenez, ” ”People have said that the age of the library is probably ending … The people of Miami-Dade County do not want their tax rates raised.”

An excerpt from the Miami-Herald: Under the worst-case budget-ax scenario, nearly half of the county’s 49 libraries — 22 — would be shut down, and six fire-rescue units, out of 139, would be eliminated. In addition, 251 library employees and 149 fire-rescue workers would be laid off. Among the libraries on the chopping block is one regional facility, in West Kendall.

John J. Quick, president of Friends of the Miami-Dade Public Library System, called the commission’s decision “a true disappointment.”

The vote, he said in an email to the Miami Herald, “will severely limit, if not eliminate, the library system’s community programs, including its adult and childhood literacy programs, which are so important to the progress and success of this County.”

If you’d like to help, please sign this online petition to save Miami-Dade libraries by CLICKING HERE.

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