Post Date Oct 9

Former Dial Soap CEO a Huge Benefactor to Needy Pets

"herb baum"

Herbert Baum (viz. Herb Baum), former CEO of Dial Soap (and author of Transparent Leader: How to Build a Great Company Through Straight Talk, Openness and Accountability) is a huge animal lover, and a great supporter of independent rescuers in South Florida. Not only did he donate over 2 millions dollars to the defunct Safe Harbor, now efficiently run and known by its new name, Furry Friends; he offers much needed support to South Florida dogs in need of vet care.

I recently learned about Mr. Baum’s financial support of pets belonging to well meaning owners who cannot afford vet care for their dogs and cats. I was amazed to learn that the former chief and CEO of a billion dollar company could care so deeply for needy and abandoned dogs, cats (and a slew of animals at a sanctuary– where the land was also donated by Mr. Baum).

On a business level, Furry Friends as an organization is fortunate to have Mr. Baum on its board of members. The benefits of having an experienced business man (doesn’t get more impressive than a CEO of a world renowned company) as a finance manager of a pet shelter are endless– and hopefully bountiful for the pets in their care. While pet shelters are there to help the needy animals, on the back end these organizations must be run with a corporate/business like structure, if they are to survive and strive to rescue future sick and abandoned pets.

On a recent tour, the enormous positive changes  of Furry Friends (the former Safe Harbor) were quite evident. The dogs’ runs are incredibly clean (no airborne diseases in this shelter!). The cats have an indoor sanctuary that should be an example for every no kill shelter across the nation!