Post Date Aug 5

If I Only Knew… Chapter 1 & 2

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I’d like to share the first two chapter of my book with you. I plan on picking out chapters from my book that I believe will peak your interest. Happy reading! :-)

Chapter 1 (Short Introduction)

The year is 1955. I was born in Bratislava, in what was formerly Czechoslovakia, to a single divorced Jewish mother and, to me, an unknown father.

My wonderful Grandfather, Eugen “Jacque” Singer, and Grandmother Ernestina Singer, nee Müller, had four children: a son, Hugo, and three daughters, Olga, Katka “Kitty,” and Lucy. My mother, Lucy Singer Kohn Scott, was the only one with a daughter, and single, because she was now divorced. I had two older male cousins, Kitty’s son Peter, and Hugo’s son Tommy.

My grandfather, who was born on May 31, 1888 in Vienna, about 60 kilometers from Bratislava and which was once the Austrian Hungarian monarchy capital, was the most wonderful and only decent masculine symbol I had in my life. Henry Kissinger looked like the exact replica of my grandfather. My grandmother was the typical warm but very opinionated and intrigue-happy woman. She was the boss and the matriarch of the family. My grandmother was born in 1892 in Hungary, but spoke fluent German, as did my grandfather, my mother and myself. My mother had attended German schools. I had attended Slovak schools; after World War II, Czechoslovakia became a part of the post-war Warsaw Pact of communistic countries, so Slovak and Russian were the predominant languages in schools.