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Reading Is One Of The Best Gifts You Can Give Your Children

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Last night Bella melted my heart. She was looking at my vast library and said, “Mom, your library is pure treasure.” For those of you who don’t know me, or my story, I emigrated to the states in 1986. I speak 9 languages, English being the last language I learned. It is not my mother tongue. You may catch a glimpse of that when you read If I Only Knew… My daughter says I sound like Ivana Trump (The Donald’s ex-wife). She’s probably right. :-)

I always integrated reading as part of our lifestyle. Many literary works by foreign authors; but although I may not be a polished English writer, I am passionate about books and the power of words!One of the best gifts you can give your children is the love of learning, especially through books. Within the covers of a single book are ideas, that if cultivated and acted upon, have the power to alter every part of your life.

Books are an investment in your children’s future. Bella is one of the most resourceful women I know. It was Bella who spearheaded the FBI getting involved in protecting me from my vengeful ex-husband. I am in awe of how many obstacles she’s overcome and I am convinced it’s largely in part for the wealth of information she’s read over the years.

Reading will make you a better thinker and will help you develop a stronger mind. Obsessive learning will make you a strong, creative and well-rounded person. I don’t necessarily believe that a college education is the measure of all that is success. I think the university of life is far more beneficial in many respects. There’s no upper level degree that can teach you how to survive! Overcoming life’s travails will do that for you.

I believe you can overcome anything in life by incessant reading and introspection. If you’re going through a tough time of your life, or are facing any type of blockage in your life, I highly recommend The Four Agreements by Don Miguel-Ruiz and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma. I promise you that you will see the light amidst the darkness you may be experiencing.

Please share any book you’ve read that has inspired you to create, brought you great peace-of-mind, or transformed your child’s imagination (see comment section below).

Until next time,
Gigi Scott


Post Date Mar 19

Walk Daily & You’ll Experience Amazing Creativity

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Some of the world’s greatest thinkers, such as Aristotle, Confucius and Socrates, knew the power of a walk! In fact, they all implored their disciples to walk regularly to maintain perfect health.

Unleash your creative juices by finding a sport or activity that is fun. For Bella (my daughter) and I, we enjoy a brisk nightly 3 miles walk. We catch up on the day’s events and often discuss business and come up with new marketing campaigns for my med spa. My daughter blogs for a living. She comes up with brilliant marketing and branding campaigns for her clients. Many of her ideas are inspired during our walks. I love to see her light up as she uses her creative side!

Need more inspiration? Many of the world’s most creative people conjured up brilliant literary or works of art while walking. When Charles Dickens suffered from writer’s block, he would walk the streets of New York. He would take note of his surroundings which served as inspiration. He grew quite perturbed by the sight of young, poor and hungry children begging on the streets, or working for little to no money. His many walks and observation led him to write, A Christmas Carol, his most famous work.

While walking in Budapest Park, Hungary, Nikola Tesla had seen a vision of a functioning alternating current (AC) electric induction motor. This was one of the most revolutionary inventions in the entire history of the world.

To my friends, you’re welcome to join Bella and I at the Aventura circle each night around 8 p.m. To my new friends far-and-away, no matter what you’re facing in life, I promise you the benefits of the fresh air oxygenating your cells will make you feel a bit more relaxed and open your mind to creative solutions and/or the next ‘IT’ invention.

Till next time,