Post Date Sep 23

Fugitive Pieces, My Review & Thoughts

"fugitive pieces book cover"

My Rating: ***

My thoughts and comments:

Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels is beautifully written. In fact, it’s one of the best written literary works I’ve read in years. Ms. Michaels is a very talented writer and poet. Perhaps her propensity for poetry explains the plethora of meandering metaphors from page-to-page. The premise of the story, whereby Jakob Beer, a young child from war-torn Poland, buries himself in the ground to escape the Nazis (who murdered his family, and left him orphaned), and is rescued by a Greek geologist, is the making of an incredibly touching story. A classic, really! It’s what piqued my thirst to know what happened to Jakob and Athos. I found my self quite annoyed by the endless continuation of metaphors and regurgitation of historical mentions. Sometimes too much, is just that, too much! But, ultimately, I wanted to know what became of Jakob Beer. Anne Michaels has a way of making his heartbeat palpate through your heart. That’s how talented she is. The haunting memories Jakob experienced, the unimaginable days and nights he spent buried in the ground (with earth creatures crawling in, over and under him), made me yearn for a happy ending. But, as is reality, no victim/survivor of the Holocaust has known a life of true happiness. Not even the next generation. It is a story we should all read, and pass on to the next generation.

Post Date Sep 19

Chocolates for Breakfast, My Review

"chocolates for breakfast book cover"

In an effort to start reading more novels, I picked up a galley copy I got of Chocolates for Breakfast, by Pamela Moore (original publication which sold around 600,000 copies was circa 1950s). Of course the title is what appealed to my senses. I mean who wouldn’t love to indulge in chocolate for breakfast, right?! Well, it’s a metaphor for all that is debauchery.

I give it 3 Stars ***

My Review:

And we thought today’s generation was in trouble! A great trip back in time (circa the 50s). A tale of decadence, self-indulgence, self-absorbence, youth gone wrong, old Hollywood, lots of alcohol, young sex, and tragedy. A mesh of all that is at the end, a very dry martini (a constant reference in the book). Chocolates for breakfast, indeed (metaphorically speaking, of course).

A great weekend read. Enjoy!

Gigi Scott