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USA Ranked 23rd in World for Time Spent Reading

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According to the NOP World Culture Score(TM) Index, after examining global media habits, it was concluded that the USA ranked 23rd in the world for time spent reading, with India in the lead at first place. Honestly, that explains a lot. It is no wonder that with all the reality tv shows, broken school systems, and a growing disparity between the poor and rich, we’ve dropped to such a low and pardon the expression, pathetic ranking!

Surely, we can do better! Here’s a summary of the list of hours spent reading around the globe per week:

1. India 10.7
2. Thailand 9.4
3. China 8.0
4. Philippines 7.6
5. Egypt 7.5
6. Czech Republic 7.4
7. Russia 7.1
8. Sweden 6.9
9. France 6.9
10. Hungary 6.8
11. Saudi Arabia 6.8
12. Hong Kong 6.7
13. Poland 6.5
14. Venezuela 6.4
15. South Africa 6.3
16. Australia 6.3
17. Indonesia 6.0
18. Argentina 5.9
19. Turkey 5.9
20. Spain 5.8
21. Canada 5.8
22. Germany 5.7
23. USA 5.7
24. Italy 5.6
25. Mexico 5.5
26. U.K. 5.3
27. Brazil 5.2
28. Taiwan 5.0
29. Japan 4.1
30. Korea 3.1

Let’s make a collective effort to change this. Surely you can find at least one night a week to read to your child (I read Bella, my daughter, at least three times a week, as a single mother who worked 16-18 hours a day– it’s doable, I promise!). Join a local book club. If you live near Miami Beach, Sunny Isles or Bal Harbour, I invite you to join my book club.

Reading, I believe, is the answer to much of the ignorance our population is plagued with in today’s society.

Wishing you a great day,

Gigi Scott

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Gigi’s Book Club

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If you’re on the lookout for a book club in the Miami Beach, Bal Harbour or Sunny Isles Beach area, I’d love to introduce you to my two book clubs:

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