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Gigi Scott uses an assumed name after having to get the FBI involved to protect her from an ex-husband who has set out to destroy her life. Gigi resides in Florida with her daughter, and beloved dogs. A true survivor, in every sense of the word, Gigi hopes that her life’s story will serve as inspiration to you.

If I Only Knew . . . Four words to describe the premise of life! Life’s twists, turns, and navigation through bumpy roads could be avoided if only we knew that . . . If I Only Knew is the story of three generations, all female, all Jewish, spanning over three continents. From the late 1800s to present-day 2012, Gigi’s story will take you through an emotional journey by way of a time capsule of some sort.
This memoir covers the story of a Jewish mother (born in Slovakia, July 4, 1920), who served in the British military, and unbeknown to her, was used by the British to work as a spy. If she only knew . . . Would she have made different choices? If she only knew that escaping the Nazi regime and serving time in the military in Egypt would save her from subsequent years of oppression under the communist regime—would she have made the ill-fated decision to return to Slovakia post-World War II? If Gigi’s mother only knew that the note left under her door could lead her to a bridge that was blown up minutes later, would she have followed the path her lover tried to lead her on? If Gigi’s mother only knew that the decisions she made would affect Gigi’s life and bring upon me abuse, incest, betrayal of love and country, would she have made the same decisions?

At thirteen, Gigi made the decision to escape the newly Russian-occupied Slovakia to the country she thought would be her saving grace—Israel. Instead of a place of refuge, the Jewish state that was supposed to protect Gigi ended up being one of the biggest betrayals of her life (one of many). If Gigi only knew that getting on the plane that fateful day would lead her to experience a different kind of holocaust, a personal one, would she have gotten on that plane?

If Gigi only knew that her choice in husbands would land her in an insane asylum, cause her to attempt to leave this world, contact the FBI to protect her life, use an assumed name, and ultimately, inflict so much pain on her daughter, would she have married these men?

In short, I believe in destiny. I believe that the travails we experience are purposeful. I believe that we are exactly where we are today, because it is what is meant to be. So, despite it all, the answer to the proverbial question of if I only knew, would I? Yes, I would do it exactly as I have! Mistakes, pain, and all. It is all happenstance. Part of our journey through life. It is what you do with these life lessons that matter. Gigi answers the proverbial question, if I only knew that… would I have done….? The answer, YES!! It is Gigi’s hope that her story of survival will embolden you to take control of any part of your life you feel is out of balance, no matter if it is financial, emotional or mental.